• The Next Apparel Movement

    Do you want to be a part of the next apparel manufacture movement? Well, Lejit Branding Co is here to sell you the latest most exclusive apparel with eye catching designs all while offering it to you at affordable prices.

  • Background of Lejit

    Our company has 10+ years of experience making custom apparel for high level brands for those brands to then to mark up the product to then sell at retail prices to customers like you. Lejit still has access to those manufacturers and wants to bring you the same quality goods and prints but at a cheaper price.
    How can we do that you ask? We can do this because we are cutting out the middle man. So instead of us selling to companies who would mark up the apparel and then sell to you, we are just selling directly to you!


    The prices are somewhat high right now because we are starting with low
    order quantities due to capital restrains. We are independently owned and since we have little capital to invest right now, it doesn’t allow us to produce a lot of inventory at the moment. But, once we get a few orders processed and sold to you, we will be able to reinvest the profits to increase our order quantities over time to get pricing down even more thus extending even more discounts to you! We want to even take it one step further and take pre orders for say 500 pieces of a design to produce and ship out to each individual customer like you. This would have a little bit longer of a lead time but we could offer more discounts to you since we wouldn’t have the cost of warehousing inventory.

  • Top Decoration Quality

    Oh, did we mention that the screen-printed apparel will be soft to the touch and not have caked on screen printed inks that crack and peel. We also won’t be taking shortcuts either and going the heat press route which just lays the ink on top of the garment with heat that eventually peels away over time in the wash and wear. With our screen printing we will use inks that go into the fibers of the shirt, changing the color of the garments where the design is and as a result the inks will last wash after wash without peeling away or cracking like regular screen printing.

  • In Conclusion...We Need You!

    While we have a big plan to eventually take pre-orders of goods, we need to walk before we run, so at this stage, we know the prices are a bit high until we can reinvest in higher quantity orders. We need your help to get us started and get this mission underway!


    You can help by either donating to the cause at our GoFundMe page here or by ordering our high-quality goods and empower our mission to change the way retail goods are made. Don’t just go with a big box company like Nike, Puma or Adidas, let’s start a new movement with Lejit Branding Co. We vow to always put the customer first and offer great high-quality products at affordable prices. Well, we don’t want you to miss the next apparel drop either so be sure to sign up to get an email notification of the next drop or be on the lookout for an announcement on our social pages! Head over to our drop sign up tab to enter your email for the next drop or enter it below.

The Future of Lejit Branding


How it will work?

  • Collect per-orders for about two week or until we collect full 500 piece orders.
  • Once pre-order qty has been met it will take about a week and a half to order blanks, print and ship out to you.
  • Shipping to you will take about a week or maybe less depending on location.

All in all we are looking at about 5 weeks from order to delivery.

We pledge to offer you high quality retail goods at affordable prices. We plan to do this even more effectively by carrying no inventory and by taking pre-orders.